Semantic Morphable Model Tutorial

semantic segmentation

In this tutorial, you will learn all the components of semantic Morphable Models. The basic idea is to add semantics on a pixel level to our probabilistic Morphable Models: we have different models explaining different objects or parts of objects in the image - for each pixel we decide which model to choose. Occlusions are one of the core motivations behind the idea to explicitly segment the different components of the image - the tutorial is driven by this application and we will showcase you occlusion-aware Morphable Model adaptation.

Course Material:

During the tutorial you will use a segmentation algorithm, a robust illumination estimation technique and implement occlusion-aware Morphable Model adaptation.

This tutorial is an interactive software tutorial on the ideas of the following publication:

All course material is wrapped into single tutorial file that must be downloaded as a whole:
Download Semantic Morphable Model Tutorial


Memory Issues

To prevent memory issues, you can launch the tutorial using the extra JVM flag -Xmx with an explicitly set amount of memory. Use 2g for optimal results.

Start the tutorial with the command:

java -Xmx2g -jar SemanticMorphableModelTutorial.jar